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Glory or Ruin



Welcome to the city of Rhineway: a merciless metropolis where gentrification spreads like cold sores. Its wear and tear has been pushed to its outskirts, and the crime rate is higher than ever. Meanwhile, the government-enforced superhero program draws mixed reactions among the populace.

Not that it matters much to you. 

You're flat broke, living in a rundown apartment in the city’s outskirts. While job-hunting, you’re unexpectedly recruited by a civil servant - who, as it turns out, seems to be a super dork in his own right. 



  • The first 10, 000 words  of the game -  give or take.
  • A customizable reaction to unexpectedly seeing your 10th grade science teacher in public.
  • The ability to kiss a creepy woman right on the mouth.
  • A cat who loves you!


  • An additional 14, 200 words (...so far).
  • An in-game introduction to the next 4 love interests.
  • A prettier GUI, maybe.  :U
  • A reputation point system, which rises and falls based on your choices.
  • Even more detailed dialogue options. 
    • Important ones. Aesthetic ones. Absurdly stupid ones.
      • Choose what to wear to your job interview. Pet your cat. Tell your landlord that he'll never make his father proud. Fist fight your superhero mentor in the middle of his office.

Please note: While the promotional video features a voiced character, the game itself does not yet have voice-acting. Plans for in-game voice acting will be implemented at a later stage. ❤


Currently rated PG-13

Herotome contains violence (brief visuals of burn injuries and head trauma) and occasional language. There are brief effects such as screen shaking and flashes of light that may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

No animals were harmed during the making of this game, and our fictitious animals can always be saved.

Content warnings will be updated with each new release.


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Can I ask if this game is finished?



For all of the superheroics (which I love) and character interactions (which are amazing) that are squeezed into this brief demo, the part that hit the hardest is our erstwhile MC's job search.Beam Man may be right about the Department of Valor being shady (though I hope he workshops his name in super-jail), but I for one would happily be a paper-pusher for spandex-clad do-gooders and/or amoral shadow agencies if it meant a steady paycheck. We need to buy cat food, gorram it!

That said, every other part of this demo is also amazing. The art style is bright and vibrant, nailing that comic-book aesthetic without feeling cookie-cutter in the way that actual superhero comics sometimes are. (As a comics fan, I say that with love.) And while it may seem like a small thing, I really like the logo. That is some excellent design work! I appreciate the number of choices for even seemingly insignificant decisions, and the fact that choices are given equal weight: Some may have "better" results, but they're all presented as equally valid in the moment, which isn't something you can say for all choice-based fiction. I also very much appreciate being able to save the dog! The writing is strong, and the Clammy Woman's personal space invasion felt genuinely claustrophobic; Beam Man's attack was appropriately chaotic. I like the fact that the first supervillain we see is the MC's old teacher and what that says about the game-world, which feels like it's putting real effort into creating a grounded, believable setting despite all the superpowers. Beam Man also feels a bit like a callback to old-school comics, where the hero's nemesis was always the first person they foiled or someone they went to school with.

TL;DR: I really enjoyed the demo, and I'm looking forward to seeing where things go from here!


Additionally is there a planned release date for the fully finished version? The game seems pretty good so far.


Could it be possible to customize the mc's gender?


I guess not. It shows on the Page [GxALL]

G means girl btw


The demo was super fun and cute! I loved the commitment to the comic book aesthetic - I really felt as if the game had been lifted off the pages themselves. Looking super forward to seeing your next updates :)

I don't have a ton of details in this overall review, but I will say that I was super intrigued by the clammy woman in the demo - and at the sheer variety of choices you could make in interacting with her! Each interaction felt real and grounded, despite the extraordinary world you've created for us to play in. 

I do have one question for the final game, though: are you planning on CGs for the portraits you have on the resume? This isn't for the demo or your progress, since that does feel like a lot of work, but I was wondering if it would be in the final game (or if it could be something we could pay extra for - I know I wouldn't mind paying a little extra for a cosmetic bonus, esp. as a thank you for working so hard)!


Loved the demo. Super cute. Looking forward to the game.

Have you got a Patreon site?


This scratches an itch i didn't know i had; im so excited for this!! fistfighting my superhero boss in his office sounds like a fun date tbh


Thus far, the dialogue's fun! Looking forward to see what becomes of this :)


Cool start, am definitely interested in seeing what this becomes.


Very epic, has great potential. But remember that with great potential comes great responsibility... Or something like that-


Omg this demo was so well done! I love how realistic the MC was because usually in otome games, the MC is some kind of perfect princess type :^] I also love how we get a cat companion <3 Katie is so cute wosjaioawisja

The art is very beautiful and I found myself going through this game super fast (time does fly when you're having fun) and became disappointed when the demo was already over.

Warden already looks like an interesting character and I bet his route would be fun :] 

Anyways thank you for giving me like 20 minutes worth of entertainment and I'm very excited to see the finished product of this game~!


The demo was amazing! What most stood out to me was the fun options for every character, even the seemingly minor characters had choices to them that were charming and fun to see the reactions to. The facial expressions for the characters were also nice to see, really conveying the atmosphere in a situation while also just being able to view the beautiful art style! I'm really excited for when this full game comes out and I'll be doing my best to stay updated!

I do have a question though for thoughts about the final game or maybe even an update after the game is finished. Have you planned or maybe thought about coding for a he/him mc? :))


honestly, I cant wait to see this whole game in full! As many players have said below, the art style of this game is so unique and gorgeous. The developments of the characters, even the most minor characters is HILARIOUS in a lot of cases. As an advocate of making the "dumb" choice, I had a range of choices which sometimes I felt like the game heavily judged me for making those choices sometimes xD Honestly the overall premise of where this game could go is too good not to pass up. I cant wait to see the continued development of this game!

(1 edit) (+3)

I really loved this demo! I'm really excited to see the rest of the game when it comes out. As I've said before, it's all very charming. Despite how plain the premise or whatever could sound, you've really captured my attention, especially with the demo. I really want to see more of this whole story in general! 

Ah, and I'll elaborate more on what I really liked, lol. I hardly write reviews, sadly, so you know this is good already. Despite how oversaturated the superhero and otome genre can be, there's just something about the designs and characters that really pull me in. 

Like another player's said at the bottom, the expressions (especially Warden's awkward expressions in the MC's doorway) and development of everyone's character are really on point. To me, everyone feels very real, whether they're minor characters, the protagonist (who tends to be bland in otome games sometimes), and Warden! I'd say he's already on my list of top ten characters, and I'd like to see more of him. 

Warden and everyone all feel like people, and the simple way the story is being told through its music and protagonist really interest me. I've said this numerous times, lol, but everything is very much no-frills. From the design of the game to Warden's awkward expressions, it all feels like something that could actually happen. A lot of otome games tend to abandon that grounded sense of reality to pursue a grand sense of beauty, tragedy or romanticism, but Herotome doesn't. It has that nice, weirdly comfortable sense of reality and sticks to it! Although reality is usually much harsher and worse than reality in otome games, it really works here because of how grandiose the plot could be. With that strong sense of realism, all characters' personalities shine through as people, especially Warden and the MC. Warden is very human and down-to-earth, and I really loved that. Too often, you don't get characters like Warden nowadays that stand out enough. 

At any rate, thank you so much for such a fun demo! I really loved every single bit of it, and I bet I'll love it even more when more of the game comes out!

Do you mind my asking about whether or not Herotome will be free (not that that wouldn't stop me from getting this game)?


Hi I know I replied on tumblr already but thank you so much for the detailed and very kind review!

I'll answer your question first. I discussed the idea a bit more on this post but tldr; the game is currently planned to be free-to-play. I have some ideas for paid bonus content that can help offset some development costs, but I want the base game (including endings and CGs) to be accessible and available to everyone for no cost. 

I'm glad to hear it's come across as grounded overall. That lines up with my way of thinking and how I tried to approach the worldbuilding. While Herotome has definitely has(/will have) elements of an escapist fantasy, one of its first fulfilled fantasies is just getting a job offer and moving out LOL. 

Warden would be flabbergasted (and flattered, of course) to know that he's made any sort of top ten list. :D I have quite a lot to reveal about him, and hope he doesn't disappoint!

That's great to hear! I'm, again, really excited for the next update and to see how everything plays out. The realism really works for Herotome.


I loved the response when MC calls out warden at her door. that twitchy eyed attempt at denial. the interview preview was pretty funny too! landlord creepy though.... like seriously... kinda looks like the neighbor from aqua teen hunger force. all in all it was a good demo, and I'm looking forward to the full game ^_^


HAHA you're right, the resemblance is uncanny. My main inspiration for the landlord is Elvis from God Hand, but I must also have been subconsciously kinning ATHF's Carl during the design process. 

Thank you for commenting! I hope Warden and the others can provide more even delight in the full game. ^^


I always find it fun when I'm given the option to kiss an annoying stranger in a game, and then follow up with a well deserved punch in the face. Love your use of facial expressions, and I'd like to request more belly rubs for Katie in the future.


I have been seriously considering how I can put in a kiss option for every single NPC... which should definitely include Katie, come to think of it. If I don't allow you to smooch that kitty by the next update, please get on my case. ;)

Thank you for the comment!


I will definitely get on your case if Katie being smoochable is on the line here. The world needs its balance between superheros, villains and smoochable kittens.


The use of expression for the sprites is beyond wonderful! The frequency and variety make the scenes feel immersive and organic. Watching Warden's face was as engaging as going through his dialogue.

A subset of superhero fiction have their own variation of their universe's primary-colored golden boy (All Might, Superman, Homelander) and I like that from the get-go Warden's more human than brand and while conscious of his image, not a complete slave to keeping up appearances.

I also like how the side characters aren't flat simply because they're brief. Even within only the demo, they're distinct and feel as if they have their own autonomous presence within the universe. I think my favorite would've been our resident TILF weasel teacher if he hadn't done the Thing™. Nope sorry, Dang has never done anything wrong in his life ever and remains my #1 you're doing great sweetie.

And the use of social media perception feels natural. Hero stan culture sounds like a capricious beast and I fear it with every fiber of my being. The world as a whole feels very alive.

I was pumped for this demo to come out and I'm glad it's finally arrived!


Every observation here is shrewd and on point, I feel seen in a very good way. ❤

Part of Warden's characterization does draw inspiration from my years in the trenches of Superman youtube rant comments. I'm honestly not sure how else to respond other than "you're right" on all accounts - even on Dang being the optimal prologue fave. Under all the bluster and cigar smoke and terrible landlordship, he does care about your well-being. He'll even catsit once in a while. Meanwhile our... TILF......... 🤣 has indeed done an unforgivably Bad Thing™. 0/10 would not trust to catsit.

Thank you so much commenting. I hope the next part will be equally engaging, if not more!


Found this on Tumblr ~ well done OP! Hoping I get the free time to play this soon! <3