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Glory or Ruin?

[ G x ALL ]

✦  Where Villains Lurk, Heroes Must Rise  ✦

The Story
A masked man corners a young woman in a dimly lit alleyway. The woman is wearing a red elephant fursuit.
(Whenever you see a triangular arrow and red underlined text like the example below, you can CLICK to expand the text.)
Welcome to the city of Rhineway

a merciless metropolis where gentrification spreads like cold sores. Its wear and tear has been pushed to its outskirts, and the crime rate is higher than ever. Meanwhile, the government-enforced superhero program draws mixed reactions among the populace.

Are superheroes the new boys in blue—or just the newest entertainment in a world where everything is designed to serve a market?

Not that it matters much to you. 

As an unregistered citizen dwelling on the fringes of Rhineway's slums, these societal shifts have hardly touched your daily existence—until now.

Amidst the flames of a job fair gone horribly wrong, armed only with your overdue rent, a hungry cat, and healing powers best suited for tending to minor scrapes and brises, you’ve been recruited to join a prestigious superhero agency. 

The salary is good. Beyond good. Too good to turn down.

 If only your powers weren't waning by the day.

✦ Five Engaging, Optional Romances ✦

MEET ORION Your New Team: Warden, Mia, Griffin, Jade, and Dart.

✦ Dart and Jade are intended to be late game routes 
that aren't immediately available.

The city of Rhineway will show you no mercy, but amidst the world's chaos, your new team stands firm. They are ready to offer you their support at a moment's notice... but only if you're willing to take it.

✦  What Else Awaits You, Hero?  ✦


  • A cat who loves you!
  • 50,000  words of content that includes 180+ dialogue choice trees -  give or take.
  • A glimpse of burgeoning, optional romances. (Herotome is aroace-friendly; flirting with a character does not lock you into a romantic or sexual relationship.)
  • And more, including...

✦  Gorgeous and Dynamic Art ✦

for every action, an appropriate reaction

Mia is leaned over her desk. You tell her that she's kinda dumpy-looking but you'd still smash.

Embolden and encourage your teammates or cut them down as you please, stirring the pot to manifest misunderstandings and chaos until everything falls apart. 

Witness the immediate effects of your choices as the characters visibly react with dynamic sprites and CGs.

(Note: CG expressions are all set for this demo! Sprite expressions are in active development.  )

✦  Create Your Own Protagonist ✦

five unique portraits and more to come

A screen flipping through 5 diverse protagonist portraits.

Psst: want to upload your own protagonist image to use in-game?

Experience an urban fantasy visual novel where action and romance intertwine.  

With a nameable protagonist and five unique portraits to choose from (and more to come), step into the role of Rhineway's newest superhero recruit: the sensible and expressive Heroine. 

She will follow your every command... well, almost every command. If you insist on making her do stupid things, you might just find yourself in an argument over the reins.

✦  Impactful Roleplaying Choices ✦

carve a path towards glory? or is it ruin that calls your name?

4 dialogue choices for interacting with your siamese mix cat.

Along your journey, you will encounter a rich world, dynamic characters, and face pivotal choices that will shape your destiny. 

From life-saving decisions to delightfully absurd ones, there are many choices with which to express yourself and ensure a one-of-a-kind experience every playthrough:

  •  Kiss a dangerous, clammy stranger (or punch her in the face!)
  • Beg your landlord to repair your water heater (or tell him he’ll never amount to anything!)
  • Accuse your superhero mentor of stalking you (or ask him what the 'D' stands for!) 
  • Squeeze your sweet Katie-kins' tumtums (or scold her for jumping on the couch!)

✦  Two Difficulty Modes ✦

for the shameless flirts among us

A casual mode and a heroic mode.

Choose between a clearly-labelled CASUAL experience or a more challenging HEROIC mode to help you further personalize your playstyle. 

The world is your oyster, and the story is yours to shape!

✦ What to Expect from Future Updates ✦

  • ... More romantic tension, more scenes. More sprite expressions, more art. All packaged into higher wordcount.
  • A reputation point system, which rises and falls based on your choices.
  • Idk man, I'll let you know later. I'm exhausted!

Please note: While the promotional video features a voiced character, plans for in-game voice acting will be implemented at a much later stage. ❤

Want More?

Herotome is in active development! Please consider supporting the game, or follow along with our development progress in the following locations:

 tumblr - devlogs  kofi - donations and support   youtube - clips and animated CGs  twitter - just because

I post weekly devlog updates to tumblr, 
and Ko-Fi is the best way to support Herotome directly <3

Shoutout to These Talented Individuals

without whom Herotome would not exist in this form
RemnantationCharacter Art
BrightboneOriginal music tracks
Jeff PennyOriginal SFX
Re.AlicePreliminary UI Design

...and me, Wudgeous, who funds the project out of project and does most everything else: direction, writing, code, design, additional art, social media management, GIF-making, furniture assembly, plumbing...

Additional credits are listed in-game.

(old prologue demo Credits)

No animals were harmed during the making of this game, and our fictitious animals can always be saved. Likewise, any misgendering is always and immediately corrected.

Additionally, there are brief effects such as screen shaking and flashes of light that may potentially trigger motion sickness or seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

For more detailed context warnings, please see below.

General Narration
  • Depictions of anxiety and impulsive thoughts
  • Food
    • Visual and written depictions of pizza, sushi, tacos, salad, and toast
  • Misgendering (unintentional and, again, immediately corrected)
  • Violence
    • Visual and written depictions of burn injuries
    • Visual depictions of a head wound
  • Abduction
  • Animal death (but not your cat Katie - she’s fine!)

By making certain choices, these can be avoided in your playthrough.

Content warnings will be updated with each new release.

Itch Page Chibis by: 1shimaru 

Itch Page Design by: Notafish (and you should play Notafish's gorgeous cozy games  here on itch at Studio Ghost Legs!)


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

PC Herotome Super Demo (Windows and Linux) 351 MB
MAC Herotome Super Demo 345 MB
[Instructions] Update Protagonist Image PDF 4 MB
SuperDemoWalkthrough [LightMode] PDF 5 MB
if you pay $2.99 USD or more
SuperDemoWalkthrough [DarkMode] PDF 5 MB
if you pay $2.99 USD or more

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Loved the characters, loved the art, loved the dialogue.

 Wonderful demo❤️

(1 edit) (+2)

Herotome is an absolute masterpiece in the realm of visual novels! From the stunning art to the mesmerizing music, every aspect of this game is crafted with immense love and attention to detail. I am in awe of the creativity and talent that went into this game. The characters in here are truly amazing and captivating. Each one has a unique charm that keeps me wanting to learn more about them. Warden, in particular, has a certain charisma that is hard to resist. I need more of him!! I'm eagerly looking forward to future updates and am thankful for this incredible masterpiece. It deserves all the recognition it can get!

I really liked it, it's fun.

(4 edits) (+2)

Help. I played the game for Mia, but ended up falling in love with everyone D:

Ok but seriously I love the way you write each characters and I really enjoy their dynamic and bantering with each other. And I admire how you write a wonderful disability representation with Griffin! She/he became one of my favorites along with Mia and Jade. Also the art and the gui? The dialogues? The humor? LOVE them all. I'm both fascinated and terrified of how you manage to do this all alone.

Also it's SO rare to see VNs/IFs/dating sims with superhero theme (the only other one I found is Fallen Hero: Rebirth and its sequels, which I also recommend btw), I'm excited to see what you'll do with the superhero trope and how the characters/MC deal with being one. Really really looking forward to the full release! (in your own pace of course)

I absolutely adored this demo, so far Griffin really has my heart. I hope for nothing more than to see more of him (Or her if it's a she day) And the story is honestly super fun to get into. Imagining my own version of MC is a good time too.

i LOVE mia she's so CUTE, crying rn

I love this demo - I can't wair for more/the eventual full version, I'm excited for every route (and that definitely isn't always the case!) x

Jade is so godamn cute, i'm smitten oml 😳

such a wonderful, sweet and funny demo :'D I love it, the characters are wholesome, cute and adorable and KATIE, I love love love my kitty :3

Sweet, I love the premise that isn't touched on often in visual novels. I look forward to seeing more and getting to flirt more with Warden lol


Stellar presentation, great looking characters with dynamic personalities, and a story full of intrigue built on top of a very cool urban fantasy world.  There is incredible value here.  Over 4 hours for a single playthrough, after which several choices were unlocked for me to go back and try.  Herotome is brimming with choices, and half the fun is selecting a choice that might seem off-the-wall to see what will happen next.

I found myself quickly invested in the plight of the MC and her beloved cat.  And I was impressed by the number of sensitive and culturally relevant topics the narrative tackles with a deft hand.

There is so much to explore here! Download this demo!


 Incredible. Both the art and characters are stunningly beautiful and sooo loveable! Looking forward to the finished product.

(3 edits) (+7)

lovely lovely lovely lovely

i played the last demo like 4 times, and i'm so glad i waited for the superdemo!!! warden my love!!

hilarious and interesting and beautiful at the same time???? oh my gosh. i can't wait for the full game!! i can actually i would wait an entire lifetime for griffin my love  


small question: is there anyway to distinguish mc's thoughts from her dialogue? sometimes she's talking with warden and i'll be so surprised to hear him respond because i thought she was thinking 😭 i seriously thought he was reading our mind for a minute 😭

edit: i was wondering if i forgot to rate it and i saw that i rated it 2 years ago 😭😭😭😭 cannot believe it's been so long 

but! i really want to thank you for sharing your petri dish personalities with us ✨ best way to spend my evening :)

(1 edit) (+3)

griffin has me down bad i'm afraid. 

weakforthewink 😔👊


I'm loving it so far! But I had a question. How can I be more "brave"? I've tried all kinds of choices but I STILL AINT BRAVE ENOUGH TO KISS THE LANDLORD'S BOOBOO BETTER 🤣

(1 edit) (+1)

you unlock the locked options by completing the superdemo!! kiss that booboo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i did the same thing lol. restarted the game just to be as violent and as mean as possible but nothing worked :P


loved the first demo, love love love the super demo! it has been so special to see this project grow and grow, i cant wait to stick with it and see what happens next <3


I've been following this project on Tumblr for...at least a year and a bit? And I'm just- UGH

I love it. you and the rest of the people who've contributed have done an astounding job. After hyping myself up since like, 2021, I'm very pleased. Thank you for putting so much work into this. I hope whatever you decide on next is equally amazing <3

Since 2021?! Even I haven't been around that long-- jkjkjk I've been here. 

Thank you for sticking with us for so longgg ❤️❤️❤️ I too hope whatever I decide on next is, not just equally, but MORE amazing!


I LOVED the demo and had a blast playing and getting to know the characters! The art is really nice and I love how dynamic it is. Even the unfinished sketches and lineart are super awesome, excited to see it all finished and polished! I enjoyed the writing as well, it felt very engaging and kept me interested and curious to know more.

I'd like to also give my thoughts on an aspect I think could be changed, but I wanted to mention that I loved it before I gave some criticism lol. Just, something I'm kinda ehhh on is that it feels like you get punished for being shy or anxious. I get that they're not really heroic qualities, but you mainly get negative reactions from it, like hits to valor or Griffin's approval. And I think it's slightly unfair, as being shy isn't like... a bad thing to be. Or makes you a bad person. IDK, it'd just be nice to rp as someone who is more timid without getting on people's bad sides lol. As long as you're brave when it really counts, I think that would matter the most.

That's really about it. I'd just like it if there were more freedom to be someone shy (with room to grow into a more confident, brave person by the end Perhaps?) without it being a wholly negative thing. But of course, this is all just my opinions and take it with a grain of salt. Thanks for reading if you do anyways, can't wait to see the game develop overtime! <3


Hi there, it's a fair criticism! I would like to note that this demo largely consists of a job interview, and to progress in the story, the player will have to get the job. 

I do explain this with some detail in my walkthrough, but I understand not everyone will read or have access to that explanation, so I will put this here as well.

There seems to be a general misunderstanding that approval = how much someone personally likes you. This is not the case. Griffin likes you regardless, but approval indicates how much likely you are to be paired with someone for work. Griffin prefers to be paired with someone who is more outgoing and is actively interested in success. He is aware that, if you're not as interested in a role in the spotlight, you would be better off paired with another team member. That's all.

Believe it or not, I've suffered from severe shyness and anxiety in my real life and it's something I've had to rein in in professional settings in order to succeed. If I lived in the game, I would take many, many hits to my valor. And that's okay! Losing points does not make me a bad person. It does not make you a bad person. It does not make MC a bad person. The points don't determine whether you're a good or a bad person.

There is no real punishment for losing valor points unless you lose a certain amount, at a certain point later in the game. There will be opportunities to recover your valor points. No harm no foul.

I understand and I apologize if my depiction of shyness did not represent you, however, it does represent me and how I've navigated the world. It is NOT a wholly negative thing, even if you feel that is the case. Later on, when the player has gotten the job, shyness and anxiety should have more room to simply be, without being associated with points.

Thank you.


Ah okie! As long as I'm not making Griffin hate me then that's good to note ksfvnsnv I didn't want to be making enemies by being my awkward self lol. And I think what threw me off was a certain option being locked behind valor points- the one where you ask if an employee was okay. I was like oh... does the valor correlate with your morality then? And I was thrown off a bit. It was more like I was confused as to why the more anxious options took hits to valor, alongside the cruel or mean ones. If that makes sense. Thank you so much for the response and the clarification btw! I hope I didn't come off as angry or something. Just thought I'd give my feedback n all that!

I love this game so far, I can’t wait until the full game comes out! Also i’m in love with Griffin.


Fantastic demo, really excited to see more in the future!


I haven't played the demo yet, but I have to say I love this itch page!! The design is SO dynamic and responsive!! I'll def give the demo a try & rate it!


I'm really looking forward to the full game. I'm wondering if other MC avatars will be displayed on the CG in the final version of the game? I really like Sunflower, I would like to see her in the CG)


My face?? Hurts??? From smiling SO damn much??? Like??? Ugggghhh I think this new demo just replaced the lost years of my life 😫💛

(1 edit) (+4)


also warden is bbg ngl




just played it all... I really liked!


Please android version 🙏


loved it





(1 edit) (+2)

Almost there! Can't wait ^-^


woooo can't wait


cant download bcuz property of build is undefined :(  how 2 fix?

It was not available until today. You should be able to download it now!

(1 edit)

oh thank god cant wait to try it!!!!


Is this at all friendly for roleplaying as a male MC? If there aren't many mentions of the MC being female then I might be able to ignore it since the character I play as is pretty feminine to begin with; this game looks incredibly fun and I'd like to give it a shot.


Since I write based on my own nebulous experience with gender, it's hard to say whether my identity will be compatible with someone else's. Currently there very few mentions of womanhood, but in the future wlw routes may refer to themselves as a lesbian couple, and certain other routes may refer to themselves as being straight passing.

I feel like other players will be better suited to answer similar question directly in any case, and hope they will be kind enough to share their experience going forward!


the fact that you cant choose your pronouns is such a let down for me,but i have to say that the game looks good anyway,good work✨


You actually can choose pronouns, but pronouns =/= gender in this game. There's also a chance to specify whether your character is trans or cis, but you can't explicitly choose a gender outside the vague umbrella of "woman."

It hurts to hear that this may not be inclusive or accommodating for everyone, but at present I am most interested in pursuing a sense of authenticity, and a large focus of my work involves relationships with other women based on my personal experience.

Genuinely curious as to why there's so many dislikes on this. Don't get me wrong, the game is incredible and fun so far, but isn't it a fair question to ask? 


Is it December 2nd yet???? 🤧😆💛






should we time travel?



How come there is no download button for this game?

(1 edit) (+2)

Like it says at the top of the page! 

Herotome download files have been removed in preparation for the release of an updated demo (coming Dec 2nd). Please see the latest devlog for details!


IM LOVIN THIS GAME ALREADY also will we be able to choose the gender of the mc when the game is finished.



i would like to know also

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