I wrote a short vampire bf romance! (Ballads at Midnight)


First off, I'd like to reassure everyone that Herotome is still very much underway (sitting at a whopping 50,000+ words and we're still writing the common route...); but for the month of March and nanoreno 2022, I took a small foray into writing a short dark fantasy vampire boyfriend romance: Ballads at Midnight. And we DID IT, we made a whole ass complete game in a month! ... sans the secret ending, which I'm still working on.

BaM is about 32,000 words. I had so much fun designing the plot and the two main characters, and I really feel it shows. It's about a bard who gets exiled to an abandoned, vampire-infested castle, and the (1)vampire resident who has to deal with her. 

Play it here: https://synstoria.itch.io/ballads-at-midnight

I hope you guys like it and let me know what you think~ I dearly hope the writing will get you guys familiar with and excited for my storytelling style. There will be so much more of it in store for Herotome. >:)

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