An Update for August

Ooh I haven't updated my itch page in a while, have I?  I'll show you something neat to make up for it. ❤

Thank you everyone for your phenomenal patience and support. A friendly reminder to anyone who doesn't know: I update my tumblr page quite religiously - one devlog every Tuesday.

But here's something here that I haven't yet shared on my tumblr, as a treat.  Griffin's CG expression sheet!

❤(Griffin uses he/she pronouns.)❤

These cover a lot of ground as is, though I'm half-certain I'll end up drawing a few more expressions to capture the nuance of more emotive lines. 

I also broke through a bit of writer's block recently; finger's crossed I'll be able to keep on trucking! I've been getting fairly confident with ren'py code, and just am having an absolute blast learning new tricks. What else... we have some new sound design by Jeff Penny and music from Bright Bone. Uh, and have I mentioned I've pretty much finished rehauling the UI? I just have some odds and ends to deal with, like the logbook and notification screens.

No release date and no promises just yet, but I wanted yall to know I'm alive and kicking - still working quietly on Herotome this whole time. And yet still, hopefully the next itch update will be a more substantial one.

Hope you're all keeping safe and warm.

All the best,


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Thank you for the update, and glad to hear you're able to break through. remember not to push yourself too hard & stay healthy.


awww yeah congrats on kicking through that block!! And Griffin's expression! He looks so good!! <33 I can't wait to see her bashful sprite in game.

You're doing great work, keep it up!