A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Everyone's going to adore you.

♥ Play as an android! Go on dates to learn about humans! ♥

♥ Do your best to be useful, okay? ♥

This demo was created in two weeks for My First Game Jam 2019 (Summer), and features;

  • 2 love interests.
  • 7,000+ words of content.
  • Customizable protagonist name and pronouns.
  • Detailed dialogue choices.
  • Original character sprites and GUI.
  • 2 original game tracks.
  • 7/15 completed scenes.

♥ 🤖 ♥

Creative Director: Wudgeous
Lead GUI Designer: Jaeger
Lead Composer: Natis
Narrative Consultant: Heyo
Additional Assets: Credited in-game

  • Content Warning: strong language, eventual alcohol use, mild violence, potential body horror. Recommended for ages 13+.


Pinkmatch for Windows 308 MB
Pinkmatch for Mac 307 MB
Pinkmatch for Linux 270 MB


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This is the cutest thing. Period. It ticks so many great boxes - relatable socially stilted/robot character, over the top campiness, genre/archetype subversion, and fantastic presentation and UI design. I also love the added bit of comedy where the names change as the android gets more info (Ey yo Jolene made me laugh out loud. Honestly, Angelo is just such a fun character all around.). I'm super hyped for any future updates you have planned!!! Thank you for sharing the game!

Ahaha this is so cute! The placeholder screens seriously made me laugh- it was such a nice pick me up after a hard day. I'm a big fan of that "campy but also feelings" tone that this has going. 

I'm looking forward to future updates for sure!


I will treasure this comment forever. :) ❤

I'm glad that's the impression you got; I feel like I've fulfilled a couple of my game design goals.

Thank you for playing. 

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This game is the funniest thing in the world. I died laughing. I love love Angelo <3 Sanga is also good but she's no Angelo XD. 

Thank you so much for making this game my life is better with it in it hahaha.

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He love loves you too. Thank you for playing!

I finally got to play this! I was looking forward it! Even though visual novels/dating sims aren't my jam (the only one I've ever played is Doki Doki Literature Club...), I really liked the experience. Also, for a two-week project, this is some quality product. Thank you!


I didn't played the whole thing, I arrived at the point where I tidy Berry's room. Should I be worried that I relate to the android when they overanalyze situations/people? Probably not. The characters are funny, I understood half of Angelo's lines but the other half I found it hilarious, and I love some options (inventing ways to overtake humankind is my favorite hobby) and the "background music stops" moments (like the one at the end of the first encounter with Sanga). Good job with the visuals too, perfect for the theme. And the Barstucks line was gold.

Keep up the good work, this was real fun!

My gosh, you're welcome! 

A couple of people have expressed that they could relate to the android, which is a relief to hear. One of my goals is to write main characters  who are blank slates without making them too bland. I'm glad you had fun with the game! Thank YOU for playing! ❤

>Compliment :)

Wow! Really good presentation and interface! I was amazed by how good this game looks, it's almost professional. The story was also really good, I loved the quirky humor (Ey Yo Jolene!), the characters were very amusing.

This is silly, but I *really* liked the placeholder for the second part of the game, ha, ha. I will treasure this version always.

Thank you!! Presentation definitely became our focus once it was clear I wouldn't have time to write everything, so I'm grateful you picked up on it.  And story of course is always important, I dig that you and I both prioritize it in our games.  👉 👉 

And not silly at all, I appreciate your comment on the placeholder.  It helps solidify my decision to keep this version around, even if I later make a full release. ^^