Help meee!~~ (Flirting Poll!~)

Flirt Indicators.

(Image pulled from Dragon Age II).

This little heart symbol next to our dialogue choices. We know them. We love them. We hold them dear. Our own hearts race at the sight of them. 

The heart tells us we're choosing a branch of dialogue that is "open to pursuing this character romantically" - aka flirting with them. This is especially useful if the the choice was written in a vague way, or if the player has trouble parsing its tone.

Now here's the thing... I'll demonstrate with a sample of some flirty lines in the game so far:

"You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. " +2 affection.

"So if he's not available... Are you single? " +2 affection.

"You look like a total snack. " +5 affection

"For real, you're cute. Are you taken? " +7 affection.

"Can’t wait to see what that D stands for. " -2 affection.

"I don't know what you think of me, but I hope it's R-rated. " -5 affection.

In Herotome, not all flirty lines are created equal, and not all of them will count towards developing a romance! While most flirts will be well-received by their recipients, the protagonist will sometimes come up with bad pick-up lines that fall flat. There are also moments in the game where the flirting is ill-timed in context; particularly if the love interest is not emotionally available in that the moment (ex - if you're at their great nana's funeral lol). The protagonist will also be able to hit on NPCs who are not romanceable (possibly right in front of their chosen love interest, who might not be amused)!

Therefore, it would be unwise(/quite a chaotic (but valid) playstyle) to choose every single flirty line you see; because flirting at the wrong moment could cause you to lose affection points. On their own, "bad flirts" won't accrue a large enough loss to get a game over or make the characters angry forever, but the chance of loss is there nonetheless - like, maybe it could mess with someone trying to do a perfect run, I don't know.

Soooo I have a poll for you guys! ⬅️ 

Please help me out, I wanna know what you think. :) We have three options:

  1. Show a heart next to ALL flirty choices; regardless of whether they succeed or fail.
  2. Show a heart next to choices where flirt will succeed; DO NOT show a heart next to flirts destined to fail.
  3. Do not show any hearts; let me play blind!

Which makes the most sense to you as a player, and why? I'm thinking the second option will be the most popular one, but I want to make sure.~

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I like to know when I'm flirting, so option 1 and 2 are both okay for me, though I would prefer being able to choose between these two options in the menu.


If it's not too hard to code, I'd suggest giving players an option to adjust this in settings - ie 'show flirt indicators' vs 'hide flirt indicators'. if it is too hard, though, then my preference is 2 - although i like the idea another commenter had to have a different symbol for fail-flirts

I agree! It'll be nice to be able to choose which mode we want in settings

Honestly I was a bit torn between blind play, and hearts on everything flirty regardless. in the end I chose the one that was more troll XD


Voted 2. I think it makes much more sense, especially if you want to do a perfect run. You could also implement the hearts/brocken hearts as an option to enable/disable? I think that way everyone would be happy!


Voted 1 cuz I suffer from emotional stupidity and clarity in that regard would help a lot. You could also (if possible) make it optional.


I voted 1 because it's nice to know the emotional intention behind a line (since it's not always clear), but I'm all for choice and consequence. You can always use a guide or roll back, but you can't choose not to see a spoiler.


I know it's more work and I'm not sure if it would be worth it, but another option could be to have a toggle for the hearts in settings. So then the players could choose for each play through whether to have the flirt indicators on or off. 


I voted but also just wanted to throw it out there- I really like when VNs make the intention behind each choice clear, so maybe the lines destined to fail could have a broken heart next to them? That way players who only want their LI to swoon can make the right choices and those who want to torment the LI's with bad pick-up lines can also do that? Idk I think since we have the option to roll back, any of the options would work fine. I really enjoyed the demo and can't wait to see how this game turns out!


I did vote, but I'm not sure if it counted my vote at all, so I'll also write it here; option 1 makes a lot of sense in my opinion since it makes the option's intent clear, and whether your flirting succeeds or not should remain a mystery- it'll be much more interesting this way.